Svetlana Ozhug was born in Gul'kevichy, Russia at 1976.

After finishing school, Svetlana began her further study at K.S.A.U. of Krasnodar, Russia.

Svetlana graduated with Magister of Economics & Management diploma at 1998.

From 2001 she is a head of her own company - "Avangard, LLC", that successfully works at a field of industrial supplying.

Svetlana spent a lot of time of her lifetime studying art, visiting art galleries and museums, meeting with artists.

Greatest experience she has got from Ivan Aivazovsky Gallery at Feodosya, Ukraine.

Svetlana understood her artistic predestination - realism with a bit of romantism.

Due to her creative nature, she started to work with oil and canvas, and still prefers this media for her realistic works.

Main directions of Svetlana's work are stillife, landscape and figurative paintings.


There was a great help from LADOMIR Art Center to an artist's career:

March, 2009 - Taking part in "World by Woman's Eyes" exhibition

February, 2010 - Taking part in "Winter Flower" exhibition

May, 2010 - "Life is Wonderful" exhibition, bipersonal with Gennadiy Domnin (Armavir, Russia)


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